I wrote and published my first book "My Life in Panama" at age 11.  My Grandmother was very instrumental in this process.  My Grandparents are very important in my life and helped shape my ideals.  From the publicity/sales of my book, I was selected to become a spokesman for Gov. McWherters Drug Free Tennessee Taskforce.  I also had the privilege of becoming a public activist at age 12 against toxic waste incinerators in Marion County, Tennessee.  I made several speeches around the state and helped divert the formation of these incinerators in the county.

After moving around my entire life, I finally got to stay in one place for more than 2 yrs.  We lived outside Pemberton Township, NJ where I went to school for 4 yrs.  My Father finally retired from the US ARMY (1995) and we moved home where I spent my senior year at Red Bank H.S. in Chattanooga, TN.  I got involved heavily with the performing arts and met my first music/vocal mentor (Ken Cox). Knowing how valuable service to this country is, I decided to enlist in the US Army Reserves while I was a senior in H.S. (1995) and after a very turbulent senior year, I graduated H.S. (1996) and soon after left for my military training.  I was selected to be in a national goarmyreserve.com commercial for the US ARMY in 2000.  Along with my family, I understand the sacrifice that my military brothers and sisters have made for this country and I am extremely fortunate to stand alongside them.   

My first love (before radio) was singing. I have performed in a variety of places in the southeast with my college vocal coach Neshawn Calloway. She made me believe that I was better than I gave myself credit for.  She also encouraged me to try out for Making of the Band (O-TOWN 1999) & American Idol (2002) I still enjoy singing for all those who will listen. 
Do I see Star Search in my future?  

While in college, I studied abroad in Italy and Switzerland for a semester (1998). I also pledged the Sigma Chi Fraternity (2000) and became a Life Loyal Brother (2002). My best friends are from this organization and I am blessed to have true brotherhood with them.  After five years of hard work and tears, I finally graduated from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (May 2003) with a BS degree in Political Science.  It seemed like it was just in time because of activities around the world.  I was activated for Operation Enduring Freedom/Iraqi Freedom and was stationed at FT. Campbell KY, to help train soldiers and prepare them to go into harms way. 

The radio bug bit me when I started college (1997) my friends got me to enroll in a radio class. (Because it was an easy A) Part of the class requirement was working at the college radio station (WAWL). Then by fate I bumped into (John Henry) a buddy of mine I was in the Boy Scouts with who ironically enough worked at a local radio station in Chattanooga (WKXJ) and he helped me get my first real radio gig.  Since then I have come to love entertaining and building relationships with my listeners.  Once it is in your blood, you can't explain to anyone why you want to do "it".  It is something that I love to do and hopefully will continue to do for years to come.  And the saga continues......
My Biggest Influences In This Industry Have Been:

Tommy BoDean WKFS (Cincinatti)
Scott Hamilton ZFZZ (Grand Cayman)
"Tripper" WQZQ (Nashville)
Chad Rufer KKMG (Colorado Springs)
Scotty O'Brien WSTR (Atlanta)
Marco WNOU (Indianapolis)
"Spainman" formerly of WRXR (Chattanooga)
Tommy Chuck WQEN (Birmingham)
Jack Cole WKXJ/WUSY (R.I.P.)
Jason Walker WDOD (Chattanooga)
Jimmy Rush formerly of WLOV (Chattanooga)
David Earl Hughes WSM  - RIP (Nashville)
Chuck Bryson formerly of WKXJ
Terry Styles WRRX (Pensacola)

Each one of these individuals had a piece of molding the "Thrill",
so if you dislike my style - BLAME THEM!

5 Questions:

My Biggest "Thrill":
Interviewing Boyz II Men

Person I Would Most Like To Meet:
Brian McKnight or David Letterman
preferably both at the same time on the Late Show!!!

Favorite TV Shows:
Chapelle Show, South Park, Nip/Tuck, The Shield, Over There,
and anything WWE.

Favorite Comedians:
Rodney Carrington, Jamie Foxx, Carrot Top,
Martin Lawrence and Chris Rock.

Favorite Quote:
"No one falls in love by choice, it is by CHANCE.   No one stays in love by chance,
it is by WORK.  And no one falls out of love by chance, it is by CHOICE."
Writing about yourself is one of the hardest things that anyone can do, due to being your own worst critic.  I was born July 17, 1978 in Savannah GA to Kenneth and Sandra who helped shape my personality. 
I grew up in many places stateside and overseas due to both my parents being in the US ARMY.  While my parents were off fighting our nations battles, my Grandparents in Tennessee raised me.