William T. Webb
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I have worked in various markets  and I am looking for the opportunity to advance and grow.

I have handled everything from promotions to on air work.  When I was working as the night jock, I helped foster steady improvement in our station.  My numbers: women 18 - 34 increased from a 9.1 to a 19.5 in four books!  My numbers persons 18 - 34 rose from an 8.0 to a 13.8! 
My overall 12+ numbers increased to over a ten share! 

I spent many hours on my show trying to brainstorm new ideas to entertain and increase our presence in the community.  In 2001, I helped establish a partnership with the local C.M.N. affiliate at T.C. Thompson Children's Hospital.  With help from the Sigma Chi chapter at U.T.C., Kiss FM raised $150,000 for this charity in under two years.  I believe that building relationships with your listeners and being active in the community creates good radio.  It's those little things that keep people coming back to the station and making it a daily part of their existence. 

I am a fireball of energy and I would like to become a part of  your team! I want the opportunity to better myself and become a great personality and programmer.  I know that you could help me accomplish this goal.   
I want to bury any competition while being actively involved on air and in the community.  I offer a
tremendous amount of energy and I am a hard worker who wants to help the station become the best it can possibly be.


Entercom Communications. (June 2004 - April 2005)
WEZB-FM (Top 40/M):
- (June 2004 - April 2005) Afternoon and Night Personality, Production and Appearances.

Cromwell Radio Group.  Nashville, TN (May 2003 - May 2004)
WQZQ-FM (Top 40/M):
- (May 2003 - April 2005) Part-Time/Swing, Production and Appearances.

Clear Channel Communications.  Chattanooga, TN (October 1997 - December 2002)
WKXJ-FM (Top 40/M):
- (January 2002 - December 2002) Part-Time/Swing, Production and Appearances.               
- (January 2001 - January 2002) 7-11p Night Personality, Production, Imaging and Appearances. 
- (March 1998 - January 2001) Part-Time/Swing, Promotions, Board Operator, Production and Appearances.
- (October 1997 - March 1998) 12-6a Overnight Personality and Production.

WRXR-FM (Active Rock):
- (August 1999 - January 2001) Part-Time/Swing, Promotions and Board Operator.

WUSY-FM (Country):
- (March 2002 - November 2002) Afternoon News and Production.

WLOV-FM (Urban AC):
- (June 1998 - January 2001/January 2002 - December 2002) Part-Time/Swing, Promotions, Voice tracking and Producer of The Tom Joyner Morning Show.

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